February 11 program: Dr. Peter Frederick on "Burmese Pythons: Threat to Nesting Wading Birds?"
6:45 in the Trinity Episcopal Parish Hall, Melrose.
Coming up on March 21: Birds, Bees, Plants and Trees Festival, in Melrose Heritage Park.

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When: Program Meetings are held the Second Tuesday of each month at 6:45pm.

Where:Trinity Episcopal Parish Hall, 204 SR 26, Melrose

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Ichetucknee River Kayaking field trip
November 2019
Braving the cold on a dank November Saturday eight intrepid kayakers from Santa Fe Audubon joined Lars Anderson and two other paddlers on a guided trip down the Ichetucknee. To our great delight, the warm water and the gorgeous river delivered a wonderful experience. We enjoyed Lars’ fascinating expertise, admired turtles, fish, snails, flowering native plants and more than 30 species of birds and -most amazing - didn’t even feel chilled. An added bonus was having this glory almost to ourselves. Large wading birds let us glide very close, anhingas and ospreys perched in trees above and belted kingfishers flew back and forth beside us. We were all glad we had not let the dark day deter us.